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Abba's Story

Personal detail:  My name is Abba. I am Nigerian. My gender is male. I was born in nineteen eighty-one.  I love sport and playing computer games. I am from a very large family, which has caused my so much pain and stress due to internal competition.  Nevertheless I am a very friendly, easy going and understanding individual.   

Dealing with dyslexia in Nigeria: the problem is much worse back home because when I mentioned my problem people thought I was dim. On the other hand it was lack of awareness that caused people to say I am dim. There is very low recognition of this issue. As a result many people feel left out. I had so much problem with reading, writing and spelling.

School experiences: there were some pleasant and unpleasant. I felt left out so I was always in trouble. Secondly I thought education would be my down fall. The reason for that was I was seriously struggling with the academic aspects. My confidence was low, my self-esteem was also low. As a result I was always in trouble. At one point I thought I was going to be a disgrace to my family.    

The reason why I left Nigeria is that the Universities are always on strike. I was struggling in school and no one knew why until I came to England.  It was at GCSE level that my school discovered I was dyslexic. It was devastating; the news was heart breaking. I though God hated me, to inflect the pain on me. My whole dream was shattered. On the other hand now I know that God loves me because dyslexia comes with the gift of creativity and imagination.       

When I did my Higher National Diploma, my tutors told me to leave the degree out, but I kept my head up and passed my degree. Many were shocked; then I was told again after my degree that I should not do a Masters but I did. I have proved so may people wrong.

How I overcame my problems: I said to myself I will do my best. I became very focused and hard working. Furthermore I became very strict on myself and made sure I worked harder than the rest of the students. I stated accepting my disability and using all the help that was offered. I am so proud to have come this far but it took a great deal of discipline.    

My advice and regards to those who are like me:


Good luck!