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Video and audio gallery

This page contains BRAIN.HE video and audio interviews with neurodiverse students in higher education (HE). The student voice is an important part of the BRAIN.HE project. The extracts represent some of the actual experiences, both positive and negative, encountered by those with learning differences in the HE system. It also allows BRAIN.HE staff to begin research on how higher education responds to neurodiverse students. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of those students who kindly came forward and offered to assist with the BRAIN.HE interviews.

"WEB VIDEOS" page.

Students interviewed as at July 2006 - 2008


Name Age Course Types of neurodiversity
Abi 29 Biological Science Acquired dyslexia & memory loss
Alex 25 Art & Design Graduate Dyslexia
Anne 22 Biology Dyslexia, dyspraxia
Annie 20 Museum Studies Dyslexia
Barney 18 Classics Dyslexia, ADHD
Carol 26 Education Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
Cassandra 21 Psychology Asperger, dyslexia
Jane 25 PGCert in education Dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia
Jim 51 Photography Stroke - visual, mobility and memory problems
Julian 22 Journalism Asperger
Kelly 22 PGDip performance (music)


Kit 51 Community work Stroke
Martin 21 Geography Dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD
Mary 54 Medieval History Graduate Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and ADD
Mike 19 Maths Asperger, ADHD, dyslexia
Naomi 21 English Dyslexia
Neil 19 Maths Asperger
Nigel 25 Geography Dyslexia
Sarah 46 Music Management Dyslexia, dyspraxia
Simon 26 Information Technology Asperger
Steve 19 Computer animation Asperger
Stacey 22 Music Management Dyslexia, Dyspraxia


Video extracts       (Please click here to download VLC player so you can view WMA and WMV files on Mac OSX.)


Alex_1 (wmv): Dyslexia (3:35) Cassandra 5 (wmv) : use of 'neurotypical'; finding out about Asperger's (1:30)
Alex_2 (wmv): Identification (2:01) Jane 1 (wmv): label as explanation; general dyscalculia (2:10)
Alex_3 (wmv): Dyslexia and University (2:11) Jane 2 (wmv) : social life; strategies as a teacher (2:58)
Alex_4 (wmv): Terminology (0:55) Mike 1 (wmv) : 'getting it right' (0:31)
Alex_5 (wmv): Assistive technology (2:40) Mike 2 (wmv) : learning support and his own strategies ( 0:55)
Alex_6 (wmv): Support tutors (2:09) Mike 3 (wmv) : support from course tutors (3:10)
Alex_7 (wmv): Workplace (2:53) Mike 4 (wmv) : ADD behaviour (0:50)
Alex_8 (wmv): White paper and accomodation (3:16) Mary_1 (wmv): labels and assessment (2:14)
Alex_9 (wmv): Job interviews (1:34) Mary_3 (wmv): university life (1:51)
Alex_10 (wmv): Workplace strategies (1:54) Mary_4 (wmv): Assistive technology (2:44)
Alex_11 (wmv): Organisation at work (1:17) Mary_5 (wmv): university support (0:43)
Alex_12 (wmv): Workplace issues (3:25) Mary_6 (wmv): social life (1:12)
Alex_13 (wmv): Future career (1:17) Simon_1 (wmv) : Asperger's label and its meaning. (3:21)
Alex_14 (wmv): Social life (1:51) Simon_2 (wmv) : strengths and weaknesses (2:04)
Anne_1 (wmv): Labels and identification (1:49) Simon_3 (wmv) : university and acedemic problems (1:02)
Anne_2 (wmv): Essay Writing (1:04) Simon_4 (wmv) : organisation and strategies. (2:10)
Anne_3 (wmv): Dyslexia and differences (1:53) Simon_5 (wmv) : methods of learning (2:31)
Anne_4 (wmv): Reading and Revision (2:47) Simon_6 (wmv) : Strategies & assistive technology (2:08)
Annie 1 (wmv): assesment (2:51) Simon_7 (wmv) : University support & DSA (2:31)
Annie 2 (wmv): University support and strategies (2:34) Simon_8 (wmv) : Careers advice, societies & schemes. (3:12)
Annie 3 (wmv): work placements and dyslexia (0:56) Steven_1 (wmv): Labels and School (2:47)
Annie 4 (wmv): positive aspects of being a student (1:26) Steven_2 (wmv): Aspergers and University (1:18)
Barney 1 (wmv): experience of being assessed (1:37) Steven_3 (wmv): Positives and negitives (2:10)
Barney 2 (wmv) : medication for ADHD (1:00) Steven_4 (wmv): Support and difficulties (2:23)
Barney 3 (wmv) : what lecturers can do to help (1:20) Steven_5 (wmv): Uni support and organisation (1:56)
Carol_1 (wmv): school and assessment (1:20) Steven_6 (wmv): Aspergers and special needs (3:06)
Carol_2 (wmv): learning strategies (1:23) Steven_7 (wmv): Disclosure and the work place (2:52)
Carol_3 (wmv): Assistive Technology & learning strategies (3.00) Stacey_1 (wmv): Labels and their meaning (1:37)
Carol_4 (wmv): difficulties about being a student (2:07) Stacey_2 (wmv): School and applying to Uni (2:22)
Carol_5 (wmv): University support. (2:29) Stacey_3 (wmv): University exams and strategies (2:24)
Cassandra 1 (wmv) : the nature of Asperger's - understanding other people (1:00) Stacey_4 (wmv): Organisation (2:01)
Cassandra 2 (wmv) : being assessed & thoughts on label (1:20) Stacey_5 (wmv): Social life (1:17)
Cassandra 3 (wmv): dealing with groups of people (2:20) Stacey_6 (wmv): University support (3:34)
Cassandra 4 (wmv) : flirting (1:00) Stacey_7 (wmv): Final thoughts (2:08)

BRAIN.HE has not yet interviewed any students who are Touretters (or Tourettists, as some people like to call themselves). However, we have bought a copy of this video, in which people talk very movingly and positively about their experiences. You can download your own copy here.

"WEB VIDEOS" - Links to neurodiversity videos found on the internet


Audio extracts


Abi 1 (wma) informal help from friends (1:00) Kelly_2 (wma): Dyslexia and difficulties (1:55)
Abi 2 (wma) labels, it effects & diagnosis (2:46) Kelly_3 (wma): Music (0:56)
Abi 3 (wma) lecture problems and difficulties (2:09) Kelly_4 (wma): Formal identification ( 4:03)
Abi 4 (wma) motivations & problems with course (1:24) Martin 1 (wma) : his multiple labels (1:03)
Abi 5 (wma) ideas for university improvements (137) Martin 2 (wma) : his IQ (0:24)
Abi 6 (wma) summary of university support (2:00) Martin 3 (wma) : his experience of ADHD and dyspraxia (4:26)
Abi 7 (wma) learning support and disability (1:35) Naomi_1 (wma): labels and assessment (2:01)
Jim_1 (wma) college accomodations and handouts. (1:28) Naomi_2 (wma): School and university career with dyslexia (2:24)
Jim_2 (wma) facilities and difficulties (4:17) Naomi_3 (wma): Applying to university (0:47)
Jim_3 (wma) stroke & learning difficulties (2:04) Naomi_4 (wma): Academic side of university life (0:55)
Jim_4 (wma)  tutors and course (1:46) Naomi_5 (wma): social life (1:09)
Julian 1 (wma) : difficulties at University (3:16) Naomi_6 (wma): University support (2:04)
Julian 2 (wma) social difficulties (1:07) Naomi_7 (wma): what the university is getting wrong (3:10)
Julian 3 (wma) University support (2:32) Neil 1 (wma) : relationships with other students (1:47)
Julian 4 (wma) labels for Aspergers (1:37) Neil 2 (wma) : social life and self-esteem (1:06)
Kit 1(wma) assistive technology and support (3:50) Nigel 1 (wma) : font preference (0:44)
Kit 2 (wma) course improvements (2:08) Nigel 2 (wma) : what dyslexia means to him; reading & motivation (2:04)
Kit 3 (wma) help organisations (2:20) Nigel 3 (wma) : DSA, assistive technology and learning stratagies (2:59)
Kit 4 (wma) labels and models of disability (1:48) Nigel 4 (wma) : University approach to dyslexia, accommodations and lectures (4:40)
Kit 5 (wma) university tutors (0:40) Sarah 1 (wma) her labels and difficulties (2:24)
Kelly_1 (wma): Labels and identification (3:09) Sarah 2 (wma) her strategies (2:23)


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