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New Links (Jan 2007)

We have compiled a list of links to websites with information for both staff and students on various topics including: 'Disability' in the workplace, teaching methods, learning strategies, assistive technology, 'disability' legislation and information about higher education.



UK Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education.  Includes instructions on how to join.  Lots of information about dyslexia in HE.

Aim Higher

A booklet containing information for students and prospective students about higher education, which can be downloaded. Excellent information for new applicants.


Online materials for academic staff about disability awareness (DEMOS):

Department for Education and Skills

UK government 'Framework for understanding dyslexia':


independent resource website with lots of information on assistive technology:

Equality Challenge Unit

A website about promoting equality and diversity in higher education.  Disability Page

Kings College London

A public lecture on dyslexia and vision by Professor Bruce Evans from the UK Institute of Optometry, delivered at Kings College London. To view the lecture on RealPlayer, go to:

Mental Health Matters

A website containing lots of useful information on mental health



Making research education accessible (PREMIA). The Premia resource base offers awareness and development materials for research supervisors, managers, administrators, examiners, research and generic skills trainers, disabled students and graduates, staff developers, non-disabled researchers, careers advisers and others. The aim of all the materials is to make the research environment more accessible to disabled postgraduate students.


 Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities.  Information for potential students about applying to go into further education. (Word Doc).


Applying to higher education: guidance for disabled people:


Techdis is an educational advisory service with information on assistive technology for:



The Higher Education Academy

 Disability and social inclusion for the e-university:


The Higher Education Academy

A PDF document from the Higher Education Acedemy containing information for staff about professional education and support for students with disabilities on placement:

The Higher Education Academy

Case studies- Developing employability skills for students with disabilities (UK Cabinet Office)

The Higher Education Academy

Embedding success: enhancing the learning experience for disabled students:


The University of Hull

Best practice guide: disabled social work students and placements (PEDDS project):

The University of Cardiff

Should I disclose a disability to a potential employer (University of Cardiff careers service):


The University of Nottingham

Information primarily for staff on learning issues: Impact of disability on participation and learning:

The University of Nottingham

Promoting Enhanced Student Learning (PESL)

By making small adjustments and speaking to the students about the implications of their disability in the learning and teaching environment, many difficulties faced by students can be can greatly alleviated and the effectiveness of teaching for all students can be enhanced.

The University of Strathclyde

Teachability Project: contains information for staff about accessibility and promotes the creation of an accessible curriculum for students with disabilities through making freely available informative publications.