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Sources of info about neurodiversity, publications & websites


Print and Online Resources


Alison, Hale. - My World is not Your World
Authentic Happiness Website - Test and improve your happiness and learn about Positive Psychology!

Autism Education Trust  A platform for voluntary, independent and statutory providers to plan and develop appropriate autism education provision across all education settings.  Seems to be mainly for children, but does include adults.

Being Dyslexic

Developmental Adult Neurodiversity Association research forum

Interesting link to a DANDA page titled 'Famous People with ND'

Dyslexia in adults: website list
Disability Awareness Training
Ian Smythe: information about international aspects of dyslexia (World Dyslexia Network Foundation)
Neurodiversity: sources of information
PowerPoint Presentation about AS in adults.
Response - Online learning and teaching journal
SCLP (Society for Coloured Lens Prescribers)
Simon Stevens - A personal Blog. Talks about life with CP, including topics such as terminology of disability etc
Social Anxiety Support
Societies and organisations worldwide
Specialist support schemes for autistic students
Useful Publications about Neurodiversity by Dr N. Martin and other authors (Word Doc).
Yahoo Listserv - ADHD, Dyslexia in Israel
Yahoo Listserv - Adult Dyspraxic Chat and Support group    
Cerebral Palsy Group
Cerebral Palsy Guide
USA information about financial help for students with disabilities


Pages of links on various subjects


Accessible learning & teaching websites
Assessment of neurodiversity links
Assistive Technology Links
General disability and equality links
Meares-Irlen syndrome link
Memory and learning links
Mental Health links
Old links page (2007) - workplace, teaching, learning, technology & more
Positive Aspects of Neurodiversity Links
Tourette's Syndrome links
University Disability Websites (UK and World)


Books, articles and conference papers


BRAINHE Conference papers 2004 - 2005
BRAINHE Conference papers 2006
Chanock, K. - How do we not communicate about dyslexia? – The discourses that distance scientists, disabilities staff, ALL advisers, students, and lecturers from one another
De Montfort University Conference 2003 - Supporting the dyslexic student in HE and FE
DRC publication about disabilities in general - "creating an alternative future"
Dyslexia in adults: reading

Extracts from an inspiring conference speech by Ken Robinson. He was talking about education and creativity; what he said was strikingly relevant to inclusive practice for 'learning difference' and neurodiversity.

Follow this link for the text of Sir Ken's whole speech.

Gergen, K. - The Cultural Consequences of Deficit Discourse
Ludema, J. - From Deficit Discourse to Vocabularies of Hope: The Power of Appreciation
The Advantages Arising from Autism - Extract from Powell, S. (2003) Special Teaching in Higher Education.