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Brain.He - Best Resources for Achievement and Intervention re Neurodiversity in Higher Education

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Asperger's, Tourette's, Dyscalculia at University.

Analysis of Australian university websites suggests that Australian universities have very little on line information for “Neuro-Diversity in Higher Education” and “Learning Difficulties”.  If you know of any Australian universities that have any useful information on any of these topics, we would be extremely grateful if you could contact us.

Table of links to Universities in Ireland

Table of links to Universities in the USA

World University Websites


 Links To Australian Universities   Information on Neuro-Diversity



Adelaide University


“Learning and Disability Services” Minimal information on learning difficulties.




Australian Learning

Disability Association



Resource for individuals and students with learning differences.


Bond University



Disability Support.  Contact details for Bond University students.



Charles Darwin University


Basic university statements and information on disabilities, including learning difficulties.  Information is primarily for students at Charles Darwin University and requires contacting staff.



Macquarie University



“Support Services”. Includes tactics for learning for all students, including useful documents to download.  Section on Disability Support.







“Disability Liaison Unit”


focusing on a variety of study issues for students with diverse needs, including:


  • Discovering your learning style: pdf
  • Acquired brain injury: pdf
  • Asperger's syndrome: pdf
  • Deafness: pdf
  • Learning disabilities: pdf
  • Ongoing medical conditions: pdf
  • Psychiatric conditions: pdf  

Range is titled “Towards Success in Tertiary Studies” .



University of New England


“Disability and Special Needs Support” contact details, links and information for University of New England students


University of

New South Wales

Basic information for students at UNSW. 


University of


“Student Support Services”, learning assistance.

Includes links to “Opening all Options 2” which contains good information on learning difficulties,

strategies for learning and teaching, identification and testing, and learning strategies.



University of Sydney


“Disability Services” Information mainly for students of the University of Sydney

Teaching students with learning difficulties

Course outline on teaching students with special needs, including learning difficulties

Policy statement for teaching children and students with learning difficulties.



University of South Australia



Minimal information on learning difficulties.



University of Tasmania



“Disability Services and Support”. Standard university pages on disabilities.
Contains lots of internal and external links.



University of Western



“Disability Support”- Minimal information on learning difficulties.  
Some information on learning techniques.


Table of links to Universities in Ireland

Table of links to Universities in the USA

World University Websites