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Useful Links about Memory and Learning



Edited Guide Entry.  Information from the BBC on memory, types of memory, forgetting, remembering and improving your memory.


Information from a BBC 1 television programme by Professor Robert Winston called How to Improve your Memory. The programme was shown on the 9th August 2006.  Includes tips on how to improve your memory and memory tests.


Science and Nature: Human Body and Mind.  An interesting memory test for facial recognition and temporal memory. Calculates your results into a percentage, and compares it to an average score.

BBC Radio 4

The Memory Experience.  Information to help you understand memory and tips on how to improve it.

Guardian Unlimited

Article about false memories titled ‘We can implant entirely false memories’.  Discusses work by Elizabeth Loftus.,13026,1098943,00.html


A collection of articles on memory and learning.

Learning and Teaching

Basic information on the memory stores and learning.  Contains some interesting diagrams.

Live Science

A website containing lots of short articles about memory, ranging from: ‘the effects of marijuana on memory’ to ‘what causes Déjà vu’.


Memory improvement tools.  A great website containing information about memory and memory improvement techniques for various types of information.


Information about memory and dementia.



Article explaining the differences and similarities between learning and memory.


The Brain

Basic but well presented information on memory and learning.

The University Of Southampton

A comprehensive article exploring the idea of a ‘long-term working memory’.


Lots of information about memory, how to improve it and learning.


Information about Alan Baddeley and Graham Hitch’s 1974 model of working memory.


Information on Long Term Memory.


Information on short-term memory.