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Specialist Support Schemes

The following extract has come form this excellent book:

Howlin, P. (2004). Autism and Asperger Syndrome: preparing for adulthood. 2nd ed. London: Routledge 2004.


Over recent years, a number of schemes have been developed to help people with autism acquire the necessary skills to enter and cope with college.  Some also offer training for college staff who may be involved with students with autism.  In America, the support offered by the TEACCH organisation in North Carolina has enabled many students to benefit from further education courses.


On a much smaller scale, INTERACT in England offers teaching in social, communication and problem solving skills for individuals wishing to enter college.  Some on-site support is also provided in colleges to enable students to follow vocational training courses and ongoing assistance, and advice can be provided to students and college staff, as necessary.


The LEAP scheme, run in the United Kingdom under the auspices of the National Autistic Society, is also designed to help students acquire the skills needed to enter college.  The focus is on the individuals who need help to develop communication, social, creative and leisure skills as well as improve self care and independence. Students may attend the LEAP unit or spend part of their time in special education centres or similar units.