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Positive Aspects of Neurodiversity

We are getting incredibly frustrated by finding endless links to websites that just talk about the problems associated with the specific types of neurodiversity.

This is an example of one of these sites.  It talks about ADHD in totally negative ways. It has nothing positive to say about it at all.


We have decided that we want a links section that includes only positive information about neurodiversity.  While we applaud the positive approach that these sites take, this does not mean that we endorse every single thing that they say!


The Attention Centre.

Adult ADD Strengths

ADD Coach – 151 strengths of AD(H)D
Asperger Syndrome

Suite 101: Recognising Aspie Strengths

The Asperger Syndrome Institute

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia & Dysgraphia

The University of Hull (UK) : Strengths of Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

Schwab Learning: An Expert's Vision of Dyslexia.

Dyslexia the Gift

DANDA: My Dyspraxic Strengths

Strengths of Dysgraphic Learners

Dyslexic DADA - Dyslexic Artists Dyslexia Action

Dyslexic DADA - Exibition - Manchester 6th - 9th Nov 2007 - poster PDF file

Aquilina - A London based band led by a charasmatic dyslexic musician