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Assistive Technology


Apple Macintosh


Apple Macintosh accessibility and assistive technology products and methods to use Apple Computers.  Site contains lists and descriptions of the various types of assistive technology products, and describes method of setting up Apple computers to work in various assistive ways.  Apple computers and their OX operating systems seem to contain many assistive functions for people with “disabilities”.

Commercial website with substantial information on assistive technologies for all learning difficulties.

The site contains lots of articles on dyslexia, interesting links and options to order software online.


independent resource website with lots of information on assistive technology:

Enablemart Technology

For Everyone

Commercial website contains hundreds of assistive technology products, reviews of products and options to purchase on line.

Goldsmiths University Of London


List and description of assistive products available at Goldsmiths Assistive Technology Centre.


Commercial website containing information about products to make IT easier.  Extensive range of products for people with

“disabilities” and “learning difficulties”. Facilities to order products online and “free stuff” to download.

LD Online.


Useful section on assistive technology and links.


The Lexdis Project - exploring the experiences of 'disabled' students using e-learning



Resource guide for individuals with learning difficulties and impairments.  Lists and reviews of the various types of assistive

technology products, information for assistive technology manufacturers and how to get the most out of windows and windows

compatible products.

An interesting artical discussing a new assistive technology by IBM for reading sign language.


TechDis is an “Educational Advisory Service”, promoting assistive technology to students in higher education.  The site has a great “Resource and Technology” database with advanced categorical search system.  Many assistive products are listed reviewed.  The site contains many useful links and a facility to change the website background and text style.


An article about using Inspiration as a tool for improving essay planning by Wendelin Romer.

Textic Tool Bar

Allows user to apply visual controls to a website.  These controls allow the user to: Magnify the screen, change the screen background

colour, change the font displayed on the page, change the colour of the font that is displayed and have access to an online dictionary

and thesaurus.

 To order the toolbar at a discount through BRAIN.HE, click on the link on our homepage.

The Journal


Article on assistive technology and higher education.

The Open University

“Centre for Assistive Technology and Enabling Research”. Basic information on teaching with assistive technology.

The University

Of Arizona

Information about assistive technology.

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)


This site contains “strategies, guidelines, and resources to help make the web accessible to people with disabilities”. 

The site contains a facility to change the website background and text size and style through standard browser settings.