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Abbreviations for notes

Short versions of common words can be useful, particularly in lectures. They will only work for you if you can remember what they mean and always use the same ones. It might be best not to use too many, unless you find you like using them. The common words will of course depend on your subject. Here are some examples:

v very
imp important
cd could
wd would
shd should
dev development
para paragraph
bk book
C19 nineteenth century
w with

If you like this idea, you could write them on a ‘key card’ or in a little notebook and keep it until you know them by heart.

Here are some examples for an education student:

T teacher
M mother
F father
B brother
S sister
HT head teacher
DH deputy head
st student
DfES Department for Educatuion and Skills
gov governor
govt government
educ education

You could also use the style of abbreviation used for text messaging, if already familiar with it for example:

2nite tonight
4 for
l8r later