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Inspiration Version 8




Inspiration is mindmapping software. It enables you to use pictures, colours, shapes and words to plan, organise, revise and remember.

To use Inspiration

When you open Inspiration, you will be asked for a mindmap type:

 Select the format you want by clicking on it. You can always switch views after you have started.


You will then see a part of a mindmap already started




Menu (Top of Screen)

Outline – Click here and your diagram gets turned into an outline which you can add to – or – export to a Word document as the start of a writing assignment.  Why not show your outline to your tutor to check that you are doing the right work? Go to file-export-word save as word document

Rapid Fire – If you click on your main idea then click Rapid Fire, you will see a red lightening rod appear in the main idea.  Then you can type a short idea, press the ‘enter’ key (return) and Inspiration will automatically turn your second idea into a linked idea with the main box.

Create – Click on any box and then on any arm of the create button.  It will add a blank box.

Link – If you put lots of ideas down without any links, you can use this button to add the links later.

Arrange – If you would like your diagram to look neater, click the Arrange button and it will give you a choice of ways to make it look neater.  You can add information after using this button and then click it later and it will add the late information into the neater arrangement.

Note – You can add a note which can appear or disappear from the main screen.  It can also appear in the outline view too.

Hyperlink – You can use this to add internet resources or link t another of your Inspiration documents. Select words, then click hyperlink button, then select webpage. In the Link to box type the URL and click ok. You can also drag and drop or copy and paste a URL or file from the desktop into the diagram.

Word guide – You can look up a word to help with spelling or find an alternative. By clicking on this button, you will be taken to a dictionary which includes word definitions.

Transfer – This allows you to transfer work into word. The transfer tool automatically launches Microsoft word. Click on the transfer button, then select your preferred option.

Use this tool bar, which is at the bottom of the screen, to set the diagram properties.


Saving work

Don’t forget to save your work. You can save the outline or the mindmap for use within Inspiration.


You can export the Outline view into Word.:



Getting help:

You can use the built in help menu. To access this, click on the “learn to use” option: