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Learning Strategies


The following links contain information on various learning strategies:

If you want to view the information as a web page click on html.
If you want to view the information using Microsoft Word, click on Word Doc and download the file.


File Name/Webpage

Word Doc, PDF, PPT

Abbreviations For Notes html Word Doc
Assistive Technology 1 - Mind Maps html. Word Doc
Word Doc
  • Evaluating assistive technology by Neil Cottrell
Word Doc
Word Doc
Word Doc
Assistive Technology 2 - Voice Recognition, Text Read and Sound Recording html Word Doc
Coping strategies for dyslexia by Neil Cottrell PDF
Exams and Revision html Word Doc
How to give an effective presentation html Word Doc
Learning styles html Word Doc
Memory html Word Doc
Mind Map Template Word Doc
Note Taking html Word Doc
Word Doc
Proof Reading html Word Doc
Reading html Word Doc
Real Services for Asperger Syndrome PPT Doc
Social Anxiety and Cognitive Behavioural Techniques html Word Doc
Strategies which increase the likelihood of success of Aspie Students html. Word Doc
Student Planner for organising and managing student life Word Doc
Study and disclosure tips (for Aspie Students) html Word Doc
Time Management html Word Doc
Time Management Planners Word Doc
Understanding The Learning Process html Word Doc
Writing 1 - Examining The Title html Word Doc
Writing 3 - Academic Conventions And Expressing Yourself html Word Doc
Writing 4 - Bibliographic Referencing And Using Quotes html Word Doc
Writing 5 - Punctuation html Word Doc
Writing 6 - Presenting An Assignment html Word Doc


Sheffield University study skills website

This site uses a multi-sensory, audio-led approach. It offers 'clean' screens, with carefully controlled amounts of text and guided exercises for students to follow.
The areas covered are writing, reading and referencing skills.There is the option to turn off the audio and simply read the screens if students wish to work faster than the voiceover allows.