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Terminology about Neuro-Diversity

There has been some discussion about the term neuro-diversity and in particular, whether the term ‘neuro-diverse’ is appropriate to use of people who are not neuro-typical.  ‘Diversity’ includes both the neuro-atypical and the neuro typical.  So should another more appropriate term be found?


There have been many terms suggested  - ‘neuro-diverse’ being the most common, but ‘neuro-divergent’, ‘neuro-atypical’ and 'ND' are also terms that have been used.


However these terms are not really satisfactory for various reasons.  ‘Neuro-divergent’ has negative connotations.  Neuro-atypical sounds clinical and does not fit the initials ‘ND’ that are commonly used to denote the condition.  ‘Neuro-diverse’ as mentioned above covers both ND and NT.


Therefore I think we should not use the term ‘neuro diverse’ any more. Instead I propose we use ‘neuro-different’.  I would welcome any comments or ideas.

Mary Colley