Useful Links About 'Meares-Irlen' and 'Meares-Irlen   In Higher Education'


Information on M-I including background information, descriptions, symptoms,

occurrence frequency in population and treatment.



Dynamic Vision Network



A selected group of approximately 100 “innovative, dynamic and independent”

optometrists widespread throughout South Africa.  Includes a small test to detect

presence of M-I.



Educational Psychologist



A small piece of writing concerning the history, origin, assessment and advice on M-I.




Irlen Institute


Beautifully illustrated commercial website with changeable background colour.  

Provides information on training courses for tutors, self test for Meares-Irlen,

indicators, descriptions and explanations, background research and articles,

and the Irlen method of treatment.



Research Paper



The effect of coloured filters on the rate of reading in an adult student population.

Information in PDF format.



University Of Paisley

Disability Support



Brief description, list of indicators and effects, and a small amount of advice.







Brief but concise information on Meares-Irlen (M-I).  Includes history and definitions,

indicators and effects, treatments and several external links.