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Text HELP Read & Write Gold Version 7




TextHELP Read and Write is a package which supports users with reading and writing difficulties. It works alongside many Windows based programs including Microsoft Word and Excel, Internet Explorer and email. The main features include:

  • Reading text aloud from documents, the internet, email;
  • Spell checking;
  • Homophone checking;
  • Dictionary;
  • Word prediction;
  • Scanning of documents which can then be read aloud;
  • Convert text in to sound files which can be saved to CD;
  • Fact folder.


Using Read and Write

Open Read and Write Gold

The Read and Write toolbar will now open.



All of the features of Read and Write are controlled through the toolbar. This can be positioned on screen by clicking on the toolbar and dragging it to the chosen location.


Toolbar Features

Spell check

Spell check a document, selected text or as you type

Word prediction

This will provide a list of possible words as you type. Selecting the required word will type the rest of the word. For example typing man  will produce a list of words beginning with the letters ‘man’, for example manage , manager , management . Use the F  keys on the keyboard to select the word you require.


Will provide definitions of highlighted words. The definition can be read aloud.

Show homophones

Will highlight all homophones in the document. Homophones are words which sound alike, but are spelt differently, such as “for” and “four”. This can help users to decide if they have types the correct spelling.

Sounds like

Will display the same sounding words window giving similar sounding words with definitions to help decide which word is correct.


Both standard and scientific calculators are available. Calculators can be spoken aloud.

Speech buttons

Rewind, play, pause, fast-forward and stop. Text can be spoken my word, sentence or paragraph. This includes the Speech Maker facility which converts text documents into sound files which can be saved to CD.




Documents can be scanned and converted into editable text. Documents can be scanned directly into Microsoft Word.

Fact Folder

A research tool which organises text and pictures from any application. Material can be organised by research category which can be transferred into Microsoft Word. Details about the material can be collected including the source, date accessed, website address.

Fact Finder

a research tool to assist with Internet searching. Web sites are organised by category including search engine. Fact Finder then provides a simple interface to search the web sites. Additional web sites can be added. Unfortunately this feature is currently not available



Access Read and Write online help manual.



Accessing additional feature and setting

Many of the buttons on the toolbar have additional features and settings which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow next to the icon on the toolbar. This also provides access to the Read and Write video tour.


Getting help

Text Box:             You can use the built in help menu. To access this:               Click on the question mark ?  on the Read and Write toolbar