Useful Links About 'Tourette Syndrome'   and 'Tourette Syndrome In Higher Education'



Tourette Syndrome “Plus”



Concise information on Tourette Syndrome.  Includes articles, handouts, and classroom tips for students.  Advice for tutors about teaching people with several neuro-behavioural differences.



Awareness Exercise for Teachers: Tics


A PDF file with information about what it is like to experience tics.  The information is aimed at teachers of students who may have been identified as Touretters.



Educating Children






This file contains very comprehensive information on Tourette’s. Ranging from: An overview of Tourette Syndrome, associated disorders, behavioural features, learning disabilities and academic performance.  The information in this file is primarily based around children, but is general enough to apply, and aid an understanding of Tourette Syndrome in higher education.  The overview of Tourette Syndrome is very comprehensive.



Tourette Syndrome Association




The Tourette Syndrome Association website contains plenty of information on Tourette Syndrome and useful pages containing information on higher education. See item below as well.  (home page)




Young Adult Newsletter
Archive Page



The TSA's online newsletter “It's Not Just for Kids Anymore” is aimed at young adults ages 18 to 35.  There are 4 newsletters available in PDF format.  Topics include College life, dating, job searching, and motivating success stories of adults with TS.



TS Shouldn't Hold

You Back


Information on becoming a College/University Student if you are labelled as having Tourette’s.  Info and advice on: “Getting In”, Student Disability Offices, Entrance Exams and Social Life.




Tourette’s – Disorder.



Plenty of information on Tourette’s, minimal info on “TS and higher education”.




Tourette’s Syndrome



Information on Tourette’s, classroom strategies for children with Tourette’s.  Strategies could be useful for students and  staff in higher education.


Booklet Available To Order



Booklet for sale titled “From ADHD to Tourette Syndrome: Supporting Students with Social Disorders in Higher Education"


DANDA: What is Tourette Syndrome?



A Brief description of Tourette Syndrome, a list of indicators (vocal tics and motor tics), and a list of difficulties associated with Tourette Syndrome.


The Facts About Tourette Syndrome



A comprehensive website containing lots of information on Tourette Syndrome. Identifies conflicts within existing information.



German Tourette Association



Tourette Syndrome information and links in the German Language.                 



Tourette Syndrome

Support UK



Tourette’s website containing a variety of information on Tourette Syndrome.



Tips On Dealing

With Tics In The Classroom



A PDF file giving teachers advice on tics and how to deal with them.  Whilst the information is aimed at school children, much of it could be applied to those teaching in higher education.





Self Advocacy: A Guide for Adults with TS



Positive coping strategies and useful advice for adults with Tourette Syndrome by Mitzi Waltz.



Tourette Syndrome Health Article


Article on Tourette’s, covering definitions, descriptions, demographics, causes and indicators, diagnosis and treatment.


Tourette - Syndrome.Com

(home page)



Very extensive site, with lots of information on Tourette’s.  Site also encourages electronic communication with other Touretters



Tourette - Syndrome.Com




Contains literally hundreds of links about Tourette Syndrome.




Tourette - Syndrome.Com

(Life Stories)



This section of contains 50 true life stories of people with Tourette Syndrome or their loved ones.








Types of neurodiversity


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