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Freemind Mindmapping Software




Freemind is free-to-download software available through the internet. To download a copy, go to:


The main uses of mindmapping software include:

For example, below is a very simple starting point, created in Freemind.


Using Freemind


To create a new mindmap:

  • Go to file- new
  • A new mindmap should be created for you. You can change the initial bubble by clicking on it


To add a new bubble as a subheading – click on the existing bubble you would like it to link to

Then select insert-new child node. This adds a smaller bubble which comes under the heading of the larger ‘parent’ bubble.




Other useful information (including formatting)


  • You can click and drag around the mindmap to move it around the screen
  • You can insert icons – for example ticks, images, crosses – go to insert-icons
  • You can prioritise elements – that is attach a number to put them in order of importance – again, go to insert-icons
  • You can change from a line map to a bubble map- go to edit-select all visible-format-bubble
  • You can change the colour of text and background of bubble.
    • To change text colour click on bubble you wish to change, then go to format-node colour
    • To change background colour click on bubble you wish to change, then go to format – node background colour
  • To add notes to a bubble, go to insert-note. This will open a new window at the bottom of the screen, into which the note can be written


This will then create a notes icon on the selected bubble





Getting help

You can use the built in help menu. It includes documentation and frequently asked questions (FAQs)

To access this:

Select the toolbar top right